Coral Red Lettuce

Coral lettuce, also known as loose-leaf lettuce, varies in shape, colour, and texture — though it’s usually crisp, ruffled, and dark green or red, with a flavour ranging from mild to sweet. These very decorative lettuce types add a punch of colour, texture and volume to salads. The curled leaves also have a practical function as they increase the surface area enabling salad dressings to be caught up in the leaf and not to the bottom of your salad bowl.

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Health Benefits: 

  • Red leaf lettuce contains a sufficient quantity of potassium and magnesium minerals. They reduce high blood pressure, maintain a healthy heartbeat, and relax heart muscles.
  • Red leaf lettuce has an abundance of vitamin K, a crucial component of the blood clotting mechanisms. It also helps in bone growth and development.

Red leaf lettuce contains many other nutrients, including iron, vitamin B complex, and folate, which are crucial for neural tube development in the fetus, blood formation, and various nervous mechanisms.


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