Vermiculite – 10 Kg

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Vermiculite is magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate. It is an all-natural mineral product that is mined out of the ground and then processed into a soil additive that mainly increases water retention and nutrient retention levels in soil. It looks similar to mica with its layers or stacks, which are suited for trapping water. It has high water retention and high nutrient retention levels. Vermiculite’s water-holding capability makes it perfect as an anti-caking agent in dry pesticides and fertilizers. Vermiculite is best used for water-loving plants that need their soil to stay moist at all times. Great for seed starting or blending your own custom potting soil mix

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  • Helps to lighten and loosen heavy, compacted soil types
  • Helps soil retain moisture and gives plants nutrients
  • Mixes easily and well with soil
  • Clean, sterile, non-toxic, and odorless


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