EDTA Micro Nutrients – 50 gm

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Micronutrient helps in providing micro nutrients to the crop and it is 100% water soluble. It reduces dropping of leaves, flower, fruits and helps in increasing the quantity of fruits & flowers. It helps in fulfill the lacking of micro nutrients in to crop and increases the yield. It increases the resistance power of crop against the fungus and bacteria.

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Features of EDTA

  • Helps to surround the inorganic nutrient in the plants and ensures the safety of natural nutrients.
  • It gives an organic coating to the crops.


·Facilitates and boosts growth

·Correct deficiencies and cure malfunctioning

·Supports flowering and fruiting

·Enhances plant resistance to disease, insects, and frost

·Maximize stability and efficiency

·Compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals

·reducing the cost of spray operations

·Chelates are absorbed by the plant rapidly and efficiently

·Chelates are fully soluble in water

Available Weight: 500gm/1Kg/5Kg/25Kg

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