Clay pebbles/LECA Balls – 15 Kg

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These are  balls of baked clay that were made by heating clay at 1,200 °C. They are available in different sizes and densities. It is a medium to grow plants like tomato, capsicum, cucumbers hydroponically without soil. LECA balls are chemically inert and inorganic – with a neutral ph. The soaked leca balls in such as system water the plants passively through the capillary effect.

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  • Reusable, Aeration, Stability
  • Firstly, the biggest benefit of using Leca is that it allows plenty of airflow and oxygen to reach the plant’s roots.
  • It is also known to reduce fungus and bacteria growth.
  • There are little to no wasted nutrients from fertilizers because Leca acts as capillaries.
  • LECA balls can be used for houseplants like Zz plant, Succulents, Monsteras, Vegetables etc.
  • Weight Available: 1Kg/ 5Kg/ 15Kg 


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