Normal Timer

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An original Minrong KG316 timer switch that can automatically turn on and off 16 times according to fixed time. e. It is widely used in all electrical equipment and household appliances where time needs to be controlled. Such as street lamps, neon lights, advertisement board lights, production equipment, broadcasting & TV equipment and etc. It can also be helpful in gardening, agriculture farms and aquaponic/hydroponic farming.

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  • High accuracy: the time error is less than 1s per day.
  • Long service life: the output is a high-power relay, using long-life silicone button.
  • Enhanced anti-jamming capability.
  • You can set 16 groups of on and off every day, easy and convenient to operate.
  • It has the clock correction / calibration function and also has keyboard lock to avoid the fault operations.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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